30 September 2021
Join our compassionate community on a transformative journey towards healing, empowerment and skills-building!
The CARE Training is a transformative 3-year journey to learn, practice and embody bio-psychosocial skills for personal healing and professional development in the midst of a nourishing community.

NeuroSystemics methodology

NeuroSystemics is an integrative clinical methodology building resiliency and empowerment internally and in relationships. We focus on embodiment approaches in individual,  small group and community practices using a systems framework. It includes bio-affective (somatic), cognitive, relational and neurospiritual practices and uses meta-maps to track our clients’ states and development.

Benefits & Key Learning

The CARE Training is a transformative 3-year journey to learn, practice and embody bio-psychosocial skills for personal healing and professional development in the midst of a nourishing community. There are 3 main clusters of benefits:

1. Skill development:

By personally experiencing the different training activities in a safe environment, you will develop solid therapeutic skills for 1:1 sessions, group processes and community settings:

  • Develop a deep understanding of nervous system science, physiological indicators of resiliency & trauma.
  • Learn powerful somatic interventions to facilitate safe group therapy spaces, relational resiliency & group harmonization
  • Grow capacity to lead community therapy and processes to empower groups towards greater embodiment and relational attunement
  • Treat clients with a human-centered and transdiagnostic perspective, reaching to core pathological issues of depression, anxiety, addiction and PTSD.
  • Enjoy a gentle, pleasurable & solution-centered methodology with powerful positive psychology interventions
  • Become an evidence-based therapist: use methods based on cutting-edge clinical research
  • View the experiential therapeutic process of 1:1 sessions, groupwork and community therapy in action with live demonstrations.
  • Have access to your online classroom with all the recordings of your CARE training.
  • Be certified as a NeuroSystemics Practitionner (NSP) on our directory, and join the USABP:

NeuroSystemics is a USABP member, and CARE Training graduates are eligible for membership too!

2. Experiential transformation:

All training activities aim to reach our own deepseated psychobiological and relational patterns to free up one’s capacity and love for a more connected and purposeful life.

  • Get relief from stress, find lasting inner peace by understanding your own nervous system
  • Embody skills of attentional regulation, self-regulation and social regulation, for yourself & your clients
  • Strengthen your mind with regular practices of mindfulness, compassion and gratitude with playfulness
  • Find your center, root your self and empower your vision for a contented and purposeful life and work

3. Belonging:

Together, with a global and committed group of practitionners, it is possible to creating positive and empowering visions of the future:

  • You will be part of a small mentor group (6-8 participants max) and meet with them 6x 2 hours/year!
  • Meet with our all-star faculty and mentor team, including Boaz & Heath, and Molyn Leszcz (President of the American Group Psychotherapy Association) and Olga Klimecki, world-leading neuroscience researcher on compassion
  • Creatively engage with highly skilled individuals in community forums to keep refining your understanding
  • Participate in a vibrant self-organizing community where the very way in which we function as a community is a part of the methodology we teach.
  • Enjoy a multi-cultural environment, with participants coming from North America, South America, Europe, the middle East and Africa. Together we’ll make our world better!


What’s UNIQUE about CARE compared with other therapy approaches?

1. Social somatics: in the CARE Training you will learn all the nervous system science to be able to reliably assess your clients’ autonomic nervous system patterns. Additionnally, unlike with other somatic therapy approaches, you will be able to facilitate group processes harnessing the power of somatics and embodiment (Resiliency Circles). You will learn to hold and empower groups as a social organism. This is a unique aspect of NeuroSystemics, combining the amazing work of Irvin Yalom (Boaz Feldman’s mentor) with Polyvagal theory insights.

2. Highly experiential therapy: Personal session work, group processes and community therapies all have embodiment, here-and-now attention and safety-oriented interventions at their core. The CARE Training offers a unique educational space to be able to practice all 3: (i) 1:1, (ii) group and (iii) community skills experientially, and then use them with our clients, groups and communities.

3. Therapy as systemic activism: The book “100 years of the therapy and the world is getting worse” by James Hillman describes how therapy is hyper-individualistic and underrates the influence of societal culture. In our Empowerment Forum sessions, you will learn to hold community processes which tackle issues of systemics trauma and systemics resilience. That way, your 1:1 therapy practices will help with personal issues, groupwork with relational ones and community processes will heal and strengthen resilience from systemic traumitization stemming from dysfunctional aspects of our culture and society. The CARE training is the only therapy training which provides all these skills in a single training with a somatic and embodiment framework.

4. Neuro-spiritual therapy practices: A growing litterature describes ‘nature deficit-disorder’ and ’emptiness’ as damaging symptoms for our mental health. The CARE training includes rigorous conceptual frameworks and practices from eco-systemic and contemplative sciences to increase therapeutic effectiveness and respond to these 21st century challenges.



Is the CARE Training for me?

The CARE Training is for:

  • Therapists, clinicians, psychologists, doctors, psychiatrists: learn to work with the body, build solid group facilitation skills, integrate your tools in a transdiagnostic framework, include attentional and emotional regulation, explore psycho-spiritual practices.
  • New or experienced meditation practitioners and MBSR-MBCT teachers: deepen their practice with a bio-psychosocial framework to integrate  the impact of social and societal influences on individual psychological and somatic levels.
  • Corporate and community leaders and human resource managers: develop social intelligence practices, deepen attunement to others by becoming more sensitive  to somatic, affective and cognitive processes.
  • Social workers, yoga teachers, health-practitioners and educators: learn to create safe environments for learning and engaging optimally, understand nervous system functioning to  support resiliency and empowerment
  • Professionals in the helping professions and NGO’s: empowerment and inspiration in tackling social and environmental crises and injustices, prevent burnout and tackle stress optimally, engage in the mutual nourishment

The completion of a CARE week-end introductory workshop is required for registration on the CARE training program, but there are no other pre-training requirements.

3-year scheduling

ONLINE Training


CARE 1 Sept 30, October 1-3 & 7-10 2021
CARE 2 Mar 3-6, 10-13 2022
CARE 3 Sep 8-11 & 15-18 2022
CARE 4 Mar 2-5, 9-12 2023
CARE 5 Sep 14-17, 21-24 2023
CARE 6 Mar 13-17, 21-24 2024

CARE 1 Scheduling

All CARE activities (CARE 1-6)are ONLINE and include:

  • CARE training module: 8 days (2x Thurs-Sun)
  • Workshops: 4 x 2h
  • Mentor groups: 3 x 2h every 6 months with a mentor in small groups (6-8 people per group)





CARE 1 September 30 2021, Thurs New York (EST): 12:30-3pm
Paris  (CET): 6:30-9pm
Istanbul (TRT): 7:30-10pm
CARE 1 October 1-3 2021, Fri-Sat-Sun New York (EST): 8-10:30am + 12:30-3pm
Paris (CET): 2-4:30pm + 6:30-9pm
Istanbul (TRT): 3-5:30pm + 7:30-10pm
CARE 1 October 7 2021, Thurs New York (EST): 12:30-3pm
Paris  (CET): 6:30-9pm
Istanbul (TRT): 7:30-10pm
CARE 1 October 8-9-10 2021, Fri-Sat-Sun New York (EST): 8-10:30am + 12:30-3pm
Paris (CET): 2-4:30pm + 6:30-9pm
Istanbul (TRT): 3-5:30pm + 7:30-10pm
Workshop #1 October 23 2021, Sat
New York (EST): 12:30-2:30pm
Paris (CET): 6:30-8:30pm
Istanbul (TRT):  7:30-9:30pm
Workshop #2
December 4 2021, Sat New York (EST): 12:30-2:30pm
Paris (CET): 6:30-8:30pm
Istanbul (TRT):  8:30-10:30pm
Workshop #3
January 29 2022, Sat New York (EST): 12:30-2:30pm
Paris (CET): 6:30-8:30pm
Istanbul (TRT):  8:30-10:30pm
Workshop #4
February 12 2022, Sat New York (EST): 12:30-2:30pm
Paris (CET): 6:30-8:30pm
Istanbul (TRT):  8:30-10:30pm

4 Payment Options

  1. 1-module fee in 4 intallments (4x €225):
    • Installment #1 due July 15 2021: €225
    • Installment #2 due August 15 2021: €225
    • Installment #3 due September 15 2021: €225
    • Installment #4 due October 1 2021: €225
  2. 1-module fee in one transfer: €825
  3. 1-year fee (2 modules) in one transfer (10% off): €1485, save €165!
  4. 3-year fee (all 6 modules) in one transfer (15% off): €4208, save €742!

Please note a 1-module fee covers all costs (module + workshops + mentor sessions) except personal and group  sessions (total of 18h required over 3-year training certification):

  • 1 Personal session = 1h (sliding scale €80-120 per session)
  • 1 Group session = 0.5h (sliding scale €30-60 per session)

Registering for CARE 1 is not a binding commitment to pursue further CARE modules.


  • REFER A FRIEND: If you have registered for the training, and you refer another participant to this training, you can benefit from a 20% reduction of your training fee for CARE 1. Please note his offer is not cumulative, and you cannot be referred by the person you refer. Contact us for more information. May we all be supported & healed!
  • Please see scroll down below for all other discount options in the registration form.


Included in the training Free benefits as soon as you register

If you register before  the beginning of  the first training module, you will receive FREE access to the E-Learning NeuroSystemics Series (worth €295), a 15-hour self-paced video-training laying out the theoretical and practical frameworks for resiliency, empowerment and awakening.


Limited spaces available.


Boaz B. Feldman, Faculty

Boaz is a practical visionary, an experienced psychologist, keynote speaker and therapist trainer acting for worldwide positive change. He has worked in numerous humanitarian contexts, trained in Mindfulness as a monk and at university and conducts Mindfulness and compassion research at the National Research Center for Affective Sciences at the University of Geneva. Boaz is the co-founder of NeuroSystemics, and feels passionate about his engagement in the Extinction Rebellion movement.

Heath Wilson, Faculty

Working over 25 years, Heath weaves his expertise as a psychologist, trauma healer, rolf practitioner, craniosacral therapist, enneagram consultant, dating/relationship coach, and has been trained  in Somatic Experiencing.

Olga Klimecki, Visiting Faculty

Olga studied Psychology and Neuroscience, and she is currently guest professor at TU Dresden and leads a team of researchers at the University of Geneva. Olga and her teams are investigating the impact of meditation training on healthy ageing, conflict resolution brain plasticity, emotions, and social behavior.

Molyn Leszcz, Consulting Faculty

Dr. Molyn Leszcz is the President of the American Group Psychotherapy Association. He is a Professor in Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto and Sinai Health System. Dr. Leszcz’s academic and clinical work has focused on broadening the application of psychotherapy within psychiatry. He co-authored with Irvin Yalom, the 6th edition of the Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy (2005).


Ariane Korth

Ariane Korth lives in Germany and cares about contributing to a Life-serving flow of connection on all levels of experience – within herself, in personal interactions, with her clients, in society and on our planet. Her work as a therapist and group leader has been influenced by Organic Intelligence, IFS/parts work, Co-Regulating Touch and NVC.

Bas Snippert

Bas is an integrative counselor, coach and trainer. He has trained in cutting-edge modalities such as Somatic Experiencing, Organic Intelligence and the NeuroAffective Relational Model. Bas attends meditation retreats annually in Thich Nhat Hanh’s Plum Village.

Bianca King

Trained in Australia and the UK, Bianca is an experienced meditation and MBSR-MBCT teacher, psychological counsellor, and assists on EMDR trainings. She combines both Eastern and Western perspectives on psychology to help guide the therapeutic process.

Danny Cohen

Danny Cohen lives in Israel and is endlessly fascinated by the human experience and transformative possibilities of healing, growing and opening the heart / mind. He works with clients and teaches workshops and retreats, drawing from trainings Hakomi, Organic Intelligence, Nonviolent Communication, and over a decade of meditation practice.

Silke Foegele

Silke is a certified complementary therapist and has been trained both as a CranioSacral therapist and as a physiotherapist. Her further training comprises prenatal and birth therapy, mediation, Organic Intelligence, yoga and qigong. She lives in Basel with her family. She focuses on increasing her clients’ resources and joy.

  • Date: 30 September 2021
  • Language(s): English
  • Time: Beginning September 30th: 12:30-3pm New York (EST), 6:30-9pm Paris (CEST), 7:30-10pm Istanbul (TRT)
  • Contact:
  • Register Until: 25 September 2021


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