Clinical Mentorship Program

31 October 2024
Become an expert practitioner with 1:1 guidance by world leading somatic trainers!
The aim of the CMP is to certify clinical competence. This CMP provides an opportunity to refine skills in this approach, with certification credentials.

Clinical Mentorship Program (CMP)

At NeuroSystemics, we offer clinical trainings for individual and group-centered somatic and positive psychology practice, informed by complex systems, neuroscience and evolutionary psychology frameworks. The aim of the CMP is to offer a solid pathway for personal mentoring, build skills and certify clinical competence in the NeuroSystemics approach. which focuses on:

  • Supporting clients’ multi-dimensional self-regulation skills through somatics, imagery and meaning-making
  • Developing skills of compassion, benign neglect, equanimity, joy, assertiveness, gratitude and grief
  • Embodying a therapeutic posture to help clients co-regulate through our presence us and learn what it means to feel safe at a nervous system level
  • Positively reinforcing what is right with our clients, a positive psychology approach, and building on strengths
  • Identifying clients’ key nervous system phases to attune exactly where they are at in the moment, and where they can go through our interventions – for example assessing if it is too early to engage in a trauma to prevent re-traumatization

A Certifying Program

This CMP provides an opportunity to refine skills in this approach, with certification credentials. The CMP enables a competence validation from NeuroSystemics with a pathway for 2 levels of competence

  1. Individual Session Practice:
    • You receive 6x personal sessions with faculty and are assessed based on the embodied competencies you have relating to your own experience, and then
    • You record 4x 1:1 sessions with a client and then analyze your sessions. You receive a personal coaching session with faculty to go over your facilitation competencies, challenges and questions
  2. Group Session Practice,

Two level of competence are offered: ‘Proficient’ & ‘Expert’, with the following Clinical Competence Criteria (CliCC) contents, summarized here:

Faculty (Boaz Feldman & Heath Wilson) discuss with participants the current level of competence, in a transparent and generative way to support participants’ growth, using the NeuroSystemics Clinical Competence Criteria (CliCC).

Program Pragmatics

The NeuroSystemics faculty works with CMP participants in a generative competency-building and validation process. This is a 2-step process, where participants start with (i) SENSE & SELF practice competence, and once this is validated at “Proficient level,” (ii) SOCIAL practice competence can be developed.



Completion of this program does not guarantee competency. It may be that participants need to extend their CMP practice in order to complete the requirements for ‘Proficient’ or ‘Expert’ levels of competence. It is possible to use a translator for 1:1 sessions with faculty, and to transcribe the recorded session and analysis contents.

Guidelines for session recordings & analysis

Recorded Sessions:

  • For all recorded sessions, client gives formal consent to recording & supervision process (in recorded session or with signed letter).
  • Please keep both screens on the recording, in order to view both the client(s) and the facilitator(s).
  • Please make sure the audio and video are high-quality, without internet interruptions.
  • Please keep the recording at 45 minutes maximum.

Session analysis:

  • Please view the recording as a “share screen” option on zoom, with both the client(s) and the facilitator(s).
  • Please watch the entire session, and stop the session to describe your intention and inner process while you were in the session. This is meant to illustrate your interpretations, hypotheses and intentions behind your interventions during the session.
  • Please make sure the audio and video are high-quality, without internet interruptions.
  • Please keep it to 20 minutes maximum.



The CMP is a structured program from NeuroSystemics faculty to offer mentorship to NeuroSystemics Practitioners (NSP’s – CARE Training graduates) and other practitioners with equivalent 400-hour training which includes a somatic component.



Please see below for options. If you chose to pay via instalments, please note that you need to have paid 50% of the fee (minimum 2 of 4 instalments) in order to begin the CMP with faculty.


“May the benefits of this practice reach and nourish all directions & all life.”



Boaz B. Feldman, Faculty

Boaz is a practical visionary, an experienced psychologist, a Dharma teacher and trainer acting for worldwide positive change. He has worked with numerous international organisations (UNHCR, UNOCHA, WHO, Doctors Without Borders) in a variety of humanitarian contexts such as conflict-affected regions (Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Myanmar), low-income contexts (Eastern Europe) and natural emergencies (Thailand). Boaz is currently a doctoral candidate at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Zurich University Medical Faculty. He assisted Somatic Experiencing trainings and taught as the main faculty in Europe for Organic Intelligence, and now enjoys engineering and teaching innovative and integrative approaches at NeuroSystemics!

Heath Wilson, Faculty (NSP)

Working over 25 years, Heath weaves his expertise as a psychologist, trauma healer, rolf practitioner, craniosacral therapist, enneagram consultant, dating/relationship coach, and has also been trained  in Somatic Experiencing.

  • Date: 31 October 2024
  • Language(s): English
  • Time: To be tailored individually.
  • Cost: Various, please see below
  • Contact:


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