1. Embodied Personal Sessions

Self-Regulating for Trauma Healing

NeuroSystemicsTM is a somatically-centered clinical methodology bridging evolutionary neurosciences, ancient wisdom traditions and complex systems understanding to offer integrative pathways to life-centered growth, resilient healing, passionate living and awakening.

Embodied personal sessions help the nervous system self-regulate, heal trauma, build solid self-esteem and a meaningful set of life goals. Start working with our team here to experience life-changing ways of coping with challenges (self-regulation) and finding purpose (sense-making) and achieving meaninful goals by themselves (self-organization) and with others (co-regulation), in ways that tap into our innate social nervous system and collective intelligences (co-organization). Secondly, we support their capacity-building potential to become professional facilitators for resiliency and empowerment. Our framework is guided by insights in systems, somatic and positive psychologies as well as contemplative, evolutionary and neurobiological sciences.

In the personal sessions we train attention skills to be present in a stable way to one’s present moment experience, which we call the MOSAIC Channels: Meaning and thoughts, Orientation to the physical environment, Sensations and somatics, Affect and emotions, Images of the mind and Conscious awareness. We learn to embody a caring and wise relationship towards our own inner experience with attitudes of compassion, equanimity, friendliness, joy, gratitude, forgiveness, grief, assertiveness and others, which help us to ride the waves of darker (difficult) and brighter (enjoyable) states of mind, building robust:

  • Somatic Self-Regulation: tracking our nervous system shifts, adaptively attuning to ourselves and finding strategies to feel better
  • Self-Organization: heightened ability to make sense of our experience, an embodied feeling of agency and acting towards meaningful personal goal

Training our attention to be present to all of our MOSAIC experiences, and learning to regulate and potentiate our nervous systems

1:1 Session Benefits

  • Learn how to let your nervous system self-regulate
  • Heal accident & developmental traumas
  • Strengthen your self-esteem
  • Process and resolve grief, loss & seperation
  • Build a meaningful set of goals and develop strateges to achieve them
  • Transdiagnostically resolve patterns leading to depression, anxiety & addictions
  • Enrich your creative drive

Connect with one of our team members here to start your journey towards self-regulation, restoring your nervous system vitality and deep healing!

2. Embodied Group Sessions


“We are hurt in relationships, we are healed in relationships – the Resiliency Circle was a healing experience. “

When the people in the circle talked about their feelings and experiences freely, without being afraid of being judged, I thought that we heal in these kinds of relationships. Open, compassionate relationships that enable us to reveal ourselves and our wounds. At first, I was nervous being in the presence of strangers even though it was online. Then I saw the accepting atmosphere and I was free to be myself as the way I am. So this was such a liberating experience. I am grateful that I could experience that.

-Gizem Demir, Psychologist

Co-regulating for Wise Relating

Our Group Sessions, called “Resiliency Circles” (RC) offer a unique environment to experience a  safe, enjoyable and educational relational space. You will learn to identify your relational patterns, heal traumas which have occurred in relationships (e.g. loss, separation, mistreatment) and build new attachment skills to enjoy being yourself with others. Trained professionals hold a compassionate and welcoming attitude to include all the parts of everyone present with unconditional acceptance and appreciation. As the process unfolds, the RC’s open the door to a palpable sense of peace, intimacy and connection with one another: co-regulation. Co-regulation between group members is when you learn to be yourself with others, allowing others to be as they are also, strengthening one another’s presence and embodiment. This means we learn to practice relational skills to regulate our emotions, somatics and thoughts. The group work involves a bio-psychosocial process of including often alienated aspects of our being and our body through the safe container held by the facilitators and the quality of interaction between group members.

The purpose of an RC is primarily for individuals to experience and embody:

  • Somatic Co-Regulation: attune to the ways we impact, and are impacted by others, contain and process relational dynamics (e.g. transference) & heal developmental trauma to build wiser and more authentic patterns of connection, relational belonging and attachment
  • Co-Organization: Ability for collective sense-making, perspectival abilities, agency and acting towards meaningful goals of mutual benefit to ourselves and others

Here’s Boaz Feldman, NeuroSystemics Co-Founder, presenting Resiliency Circles

Basic self-regulation skills prepare individuals to engage with others in a group to learn co-regulation & co-organization abilities

Group Session Benefits

  • Heal developmental trauma
  • Form strong, authentic and deeply nourishing relationships
  • Embody somatic co-regulation
  • Experience greater belonging with others
  • Develop new ways of feeling empathic, non-judgmental and compassionate to oneself and others
  • Be seen, be heard and  welcomed in a genuinely atmosphere of vulnerability
  • Assert boundaries and shamelessly express one’s needs to others
  • Learn how to be in groups with  greater levels of ease, authenticity and confidence
  • Form meaningful relationships

UPCOMING Resiliency Circles

20-Session Didactic Resiliency Circle (4 months) with Boaz Feldman & Mehpare Johnson

Join Mehpare Johnson & Boaz Feldman in a safe & compassionate community for healing & learning the art of group process facilitation!
28 August 2024 7-8:30pm CEST
Language(s): English


3. Embodied Community Sessions

“A vibrant and compassionate community process to transform our own and our societies’ nervous system to collectively face the big issues of our time.” 

Groups practice together as a community to potentiate their co-regulation and co-organization skills

Participating in Planetary Resiliency

Embodied Community Session, which we call “Empowerment Forums” (EF) are transformative spaces for ourselves and for our societies. Each session has a specific theme, and their aim is to engage an embodied, creative and encouraging dialogue on key societal issues of systemic resilienca and systemic oppression. Examples include:

  • Empowering genders: celebrating women, men, LGBTIQ & gender fluid communities
  • Freedom from shame: building social resiliency and empowerment
  • Wisely relating to our ecosystems: embodying our complex interdependence with nature
  • Inclusive economics: towards a responsible and compassionate society
  • Living a life of scarcity & abundance: embodying resilient postures & responses to challenges

Our Dream Team provide a vibrant community platform upon which to include all feelings, somatic dynamics, attitudes and values on the particular theme explored. The aim of the exchanges, which occur both in whole-group plenaries facilitated by faculty and smaller break-out groups by mentors, is to enable deep resonances to be felt accross the different groups in a safe, compassionate and playful way. The quality of dialogues, which includes the moment-to-moment experience of the body, the heart, the mind and interpersonal discussion, lean towards ease, building hope and stimulating courage to face the great issues of our time!

Empowerment Forum Presentation

Benefits include:

  • Building individual and community nervous system capacity to hold the big challenges of our time with hope, courage and playfulness
  • Development of embodied resiliency, emotional regulation and cognitive functioning
  • Enjoyment of belonging to a community committed to self- and societal transformation & resilience
  • Healing systemic trauma at the individual, interpersonal and community level


UPCOMING Empowerment Forums


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