Dharma Talk

İyileşme, güçlenme ve yeteneklerinizi geliştirmeye doğru dönüştürücü bir yolculukta şefkatli topluluğumuza katılın.
CARE Eğitimi, besleyici bir topluluk ortamında, kişisel şifa ve profesyonel gelişim için biyo-psiko sosyal beceriler öğrenmek, uygulamak ve bedenselleştirmek için üç yıllık dönüştürücü bir yolculuktur.

NeuroSystemics Dharma

NeuroSystemics is an integrative methodology building resiliency and empowerment internally, in relationships and society. The Dharma program focuses specifically on grounding one’s attention and awareness in highly regulated nervous system states, offering deep possibilities of insight and wisdom to arise.

For more information on the NeuroSystemics Dharma approach, please see our blogs here

This Dharma Talk: “Social Connection for Embodiment”

When we think about meditation, we often associate it a a solitary practice. The Buddha, as described in the ancient teachings (Pali canon), does emphasize spending time alone, in silence and exploring movements and mechanisms of the mind. BUT, he also spent considerable energy to build a strong community with social practices to help practitionners thrive and deepen their meditation. And the good news is that modern neuroscience gives significant evidence to back up the claim that we can go deep inside to the extent that we are held safely in our environment.

By joining this talk you will:

  • Learn about why healthy relationships are essential to meditation
  • Practice 10 minutes of meditation
  • Find out if the  Online Week-End RETREAT in August 5-7 is the next step for your healing and development

Schedule (All times CEST):

  • 7pm: Welcome practice
  • 7:10: Dharma Talk
  • 7:40: Discussion
  • 7:50: August 5-7 Online retreat information
  • 8pm: Close.



The Buddha structure a donation-basis for all his teachings, and at NeuroSystemics it is sacred for us to perpetuate this beautiful momentum of generosity, for the sake of all beings. Donations can be made here – thank you for your generosity!

Dharma Teacher(s)

Boaz B. Feldman, Founder of NeuroSystemics Dharma

Boaz; dünya genelinde pozitif bir değişim için çaba gösteren deneyimli bir psikolog, önemli bir konuşmacı ve bütüncül bir eğitmendir. Çok sayıda insani projede (Afganistan, Burkina Faso), düşük gelir ortamlarında (Doğu Avrupa) ve doğal acil durum hallerinde (Tayland) pek çok uluslararası kuruluşta (UNHCR, UNOCHA, WHO, Sınır Tanımayan Doktorlar) çalıştı.

  • Dil(ler): English
  • Zaman: 7-8 pm CEST (12-1:30pm EST)
  • Ücret: Freely offered by donation.
  • İletişim: dharma@neurosystemics.org

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