.Methodology: Multi-level Somatics

The NeuroSystemics method aims to build nervous system regulation, heal trauma and enable fulfilling relationships at a multi-level scale: for individuals, groups and communities.

Together we go further.

Our framework is guided by insights in systems, somatic and positive psychologies as well as contemplative, evolutionary and neurobiological sciences (see below for more details). Firstly we encreate spaces to enable the experiencing and embodying of life-changing ways of coping with challenges (self-regulation), finding purpose and achieving meaningful goals autonomously (self-organization), and with others (co-regulation), in ways that tap into our innate social nervous system and collective intelligences (co-organization).

Secondly, we support their capacity-building potential to become professional facilitators for resiliency and empowerment.  We offer a gradual, highly accessible 2-step capacity-building pathway.

2 simple Steps

STEP 1: Experiencing & Embodying

We learn to embody a caring and wise relationship towards our own inner experience with attitudes of compassion, equanimity, friendliness, joy, gratitude and others, which help us to ride the waves of darker (difficult) and brighter (enjoyable) states of mind. Developing these during Mindfulness and somatic orientation practices, self-inquiries and Embodied Personal Sessions, we build robust:

  • Somatic Self-Regulation: tracking our nervous system shifts, adaptively attuning to ourselves and finding strategies to feel better
  • Self-Organization: Ability for sense-making, embodied feeling of agency and acting towards meaningful personal goal

As we incorporate these skills in our nervous system, we can then learn the art of practicing these in the midst of relational interactions in Embodied Group Sessions, Community Sessions and Relational Embodiment Residencies to grow:

  • Somatic Co-Regulation: Attune to the ways we impact and are impacted by others, contain and process relational dynamics (e.g. transference and conflicts) & heal developmental trauma to build wiser and more authentic patterns of relational connection and attachment
  • Co-Organization: Collective sense-making, agency and acting towards meaningful goals of mutual benefit to ourselves, others and the enrivonment

STEP 1: Gradually Building Somatic Regulation & Organization of our Personal & Collective Nervous Systems

STEP 2: Facilitation & Professionalization

Once we have embodied solid regulatory and organization capacity in our own nervous system, we are ready to hold spaces for others. At NeuroSystemics we learn to create safe spaces through somatic attunement and trust with our clients, colleagues and friends. Bolstered with resilient nervous systems through self-regulation and co-regulation, they can build self-esteem, agency, set fulfilling goals for themselves and change their behaviours to achieve these goals. We build these professional facilitation skills during the 3-year CARE Training (Clinical Abilities for Resiliency & Empowerment) and the Clinical Mentorship Program to hold spaces with individuals and groups:

STEP 2: Building Facilitation Abilities to Create Safe Spaces for Healing & Life-Enhancing Interactions with Clients, Colleagues and/or Friends