NeuroSystemics is a Swiss-based global life-centred (not-for-profit) training organization providing personal and collective embodied & relational healing and developmental experiences for a weller and wiser world.”

Together we go further.


2 simple Steps

Our specialty at NeuroSystemics is Somatic Group Process: cross-fertilizing nervous system regulation in collective spaces.

  1. Firstly, we offer personal, group and community embodiment sessions and residencies to experience life-changing ways of coping with challenges (self-regulation), finding purpose and achieving meaningful goals autonomously (self-organization), and with others (co-regulation), in ways that tap into our innate social nervous system and collective intelligences (co-organization).
  2. Secondly, we train and certify professional facilitators to build competence to hold spaces for individuals and groups, healing trauma and building resiliency and empowerment in CARE Trainings and Mentorship Programs.

Our framework is guided by insights in complex systems, somatic and positive psychologies as well as contemplative, evolutionary and neurobiological sciences. Learn more about our integrative somatic methodology here.


STEP 1: Experience & Embody