NeuroSystemics Clinical Series: in-depth clinical frameworks in systemics practice & interventions

24 May 2024
A 15h journey through systemic practice, models and clinical interventions. Learn the theoretical frameworks to include somatics, affect, cognition, relational and psycho-spiritual potentials for healing in your clinical practice!

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About the NeuroSystemics Clinical Series



  • 15 Videos: 100’s of insights
  • 100-page Powerpoint presentation
  • Nervous system maps
  • Integrative models
  • Short Mindfulness practices
  • Clinical applications of neuroscientific theories


  • Learning to care for myself
  • Develop, organize and implement a range of skills to help regulate biological processes, reduce stress and enhance creativity & life-purpose.
  • Building professional skills: learn how to put the ideas presented to you into action.
  • Build a solid basis to facilitate mindfulness practices, personal and group therapy sessions, as well as and community processes.




Go Further: CARE Training

The CARE training (Compassion, Awareness, Resiliency & Empowerment) is a transformative 3-year journey to learn and practice essential life and therapeutic skills in the midst of a nourishing community.

All participants registered in the CARE training will receive, free of charge, access to this NeuroSystemics Clinical Series “Keys for resiliency, empowerment and awakening”!


Register to the CARE Clinical Series Here!


Boaz B. Feldman, Founder of NeuroSystemics Dharma

Boaz is a practical visionary, an experienced psychologist, Dharma teacher and clinical trainer acting for worldwide positive change. He has trained in Mindfulness as a monk and at university in MBSR/MBCT in Oxford/Bangor and graduated from the Bodhi College with Stephen & Martine Batchelor as mentors. Boaz now teaches Dharma in the Western Insight Meditation Tradition and feels passionate about re-enchanting and sacralizing our lives and societies through science-informed psycho-spiritual practice.

  • Date: 24 May 2024
  • Language(s): English
  • Cost: €295 (FREE for CARE Training participants)
  • Contact:

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