EMPOWERMENT FORUM: Gender Empowerment

13 June 2021
“The only way we’ll get it together is together!“
Empowerment Forums are vibrant and compassionate community processes to transform our own and our societies’ nervous system capacity to face the big issues of our time.”

What to expect

The Empowerment Forum is a community space to explore a social or societal dynamic in an embodied way. The theme that will be explored during this EF is on “Empowering Gender Difference.”

The emphasis is placed on experience and embodiment of the conversations and exchanges, allowing a renewed and revitalised engagement with our relationship with our gender and that of others.

In NeuroSystemics, we have a step-by-tep approach, where we place a lot of importance on

  1. SENSING the moment-to-moment experience of our body and mind to MOSAIC channels (Meaning, Orientation, Sensation, Affect, Image & Consciousness), enabling
  2. SENSE-MAKING  Our meaning-making process then support
  3. CHOICE-MAKING we make in our live, like choosing the people we surround ourselves for
  4. COMMUNING and feel belonging with others in our group:



In Resiliency Circles (Somatic Group Psychotherapy), we process our (i) present moment experience, (ii) our sense of self and (iii) relationships. EF’s include all of these experiential dynamics and embed them in the context of a wider community:



This is the opportunity to gather together in our global community, and enrich the texture of our collective resiliency!

Session Content

The structure of this 3h-session includes:

  • Orientation & embodiment practices
  • Short thematic presentations
  • Small break-out Resiliency Circles
  • Deep somatic & verbal community dialogues
  • Bottom-up co-elaboration of pathways for societal resilience

This Empowerment Forum is open to each and everyone, of all nationalities, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and religious affiliation. Together we go further!

Register Here

For more information, contact Helena Walsh


Boaz B. Feldman, Founder of NeuroSystemics Dharma

Boaz is a practical visionary, an experienced psychologist, Dharma teacher and clinical trainer acting for worldwide positive change. He has trained in Mindfulness as a monk and at university in MBSR/MBCT in Oxford/Bangor and graduated from the Bodhi College with Stephen & Martine Batchelor as mentors. Boaz now teaches Dharma in the Western Insight Meditation Tradition and feels passionate about re-enchanting and sacralizing our lives and societies through science-informed psycho-spiritual practice.

  • Date: 13 June 2021
  • Language(s): English
  • Time: 6-8.30pm GMT (7-9:30pm CEST)
  • Cost: 30 EUR
  • Contact: helenawalshvoiceandbodystudio@gmail.com

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