April Dharma Gathering

3 April 2022
Join our compassionate community for psycho-spiritual practice, embodiment & nervous system regulation!
This session will include time for meditation practice, some teachings and discussion in the midst of a nourishing community.

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NeuroSystemics Dharma

NeuroSystemics is an integrative methodology building resiliency and empowerment internally and in relationships. The Dharma program focuses specifically on grounding one’s attention and awareness in highly regulated nervous system states, offering deep possibilities of insight and wisdom to arise.

This April Dharma Gathering

On this event we will introduce the NeuroSystemics Dharma program and celebrate together the powers and graces of combining somatic psychology with psycho-spiritual traditions. In particular we will:

  • Practice embodiment and how this relates to psycho-spritiual development
  • Build community through a participative facilitation of the session
  • Critique both somatic and transpersonal psychology


Benefits of Dharma Gatherings

By joining this gathering at 6-7:30pm CET, you will:

  • Receive teachings combining modern neurosciences with ancient Buddhist teachings (30′)
  • Practice guided meditation (30′)
  • Discuss your practice & teachings in a compassionate community (30′)


Freely offered, on donation basis. Donations can be made here – thank you for your generosity!


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Boaz B. Feldman, Faculty

Boaz is a practical visionary, an experienced psychologist, contemplative and therapist trainer acting for worldwide positive change. He has worked in numerous humanitarian contexts, trained in Mindfulness as a monk and at university in MBSR/MBCT in Oxford/Bangor and now teaches Dharma in the Western Insight Meditation Tradition. Boaz is the co-founder of NeuroSystemics, and feels passionate about his engagement in the Extinction Rebellion movement.

  • Date: 3 April 2022
  • Language(s): English
  • Time: 6-7:30pm CET (12-1:30pm EST)
  • Cost: Freely offered by donation.
  • Contact: dharma@neurosystemics.org

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