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23 February 2024
Get all the info for an in-person relational experience in the beautiful city of Bergerac, France
We will experiment and explore in-person how we come into relationship, how we can co-create together a safe space to connect skilfully to our nervous system in the midst of relational interactions, and engage with society's challenges.

Relational Embodiment Residency at the Bergerac Hub 

June 16-30th 2024


Dear Friend,

Life Itself is excited to share information about the Relational Embodiment residency taking place at the beautiful Bergerac Hub in June!
During this residency we will experiment and explore how we come into relationship with ourselves, another and groups, how together we can co-create a “safe and brave” space by connecting to our nervous system in the midst of relational interactions. Benefits include learning and being more free in our relational patterns, finding it easier to build trust and intimacy with others while having clear and helpful boundaries, building more durable and enjoyable relationships!

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What is this Residency?

This residency is a place where we learn to live well and wisely with ourselves, others and the world. We practice being in relationships, open up to others and put up boundaries when needed. We get to cook, work and play with a diverse group of people coming from many countries. We will be practicing all sorts of awareness practices (mindfulness, compassion, movement, art, diary), engage in small-group circles where we focus on the way in which our present moment embodied experience is affected by the speech and presence of others, and community sessions where we learn to be fully ourselves in the midst of a collective and explore difficult questions facing us in our societies today. We will create a safe container to enable the emergence of embodied regulation, relational insights and attachment resiliency.


We emphasise learning & integrating: we will have propose several ways to learn the art and science of developing inner and relational resiliency through workshops and didactic sessions.  The immersion format allows for insights from structured experiential sessions to be integrated in relationships during the residency itself. The online sessions before and after we meet in Bergerac (France) allow for integration into one’s work, family and daily life because we want this process to impact your life in the long term!


“It was amazing. In many ways, very joyful, very playful, meaningful interactions, whether it was in groups or dyads”
– Camille M., Researcher, 2023 Residency Participant in Bergerac


The residency includes time and space for you to continue your daily personal work and projects (up to 30-35 hours/week).


Read the full residency description here

Want to learn more?

This call aims to create an enjoyable space to present the residency, and respond to any of your questions.

You can read more about the residency and sign up here.

We look forward to journeying with you towards more relational and embodied freedom!



Boaz B. Feldman, Faculty

Boaz is a practical visionary, an experienced psychologist, a Dharma teacher and trainer acting for worldwide positive change. He has worked with numerous international organisations (UNHCR, UNOCHA, WHO, Doctors Without Borders) in a variety of humanitarian contexts such as conflict-affected regions (Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Myanmar), low-income contexts (Eastern Europe) and natural emergencies (Thailand). Boaz is currently a doctoral candidate at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Zurich University Medical Faculty. He assisted Somatic Experiencing trainings and taught as the main faculty in Europe for Organic Intelligence, and now enjoys engineering and teaching innovative and integrative approaches at NeuroSystemics!

Rebekka Haas Çetin, Assisting Faculty (NSP)

Rebekka is a Mindfulness Coach (ICF) and counsellor for both, individual and group sessions.
She is extensively trained in Organic Intelligence®, a clinical protocol for trauma resolution through shepherding nervous system states from bottom up. Her participation in NeuroSystemics expands her contribution to healing from an individual to a greater psycho-social frame through group work (RC). She is a certified yoga teacher and the co-founder of multiple yoga Studios. Her original background is in filmmaking. Rebekka is from Germany and is now living with her husband in Istanbul, they have 3 children.



Buğu Türkoğul, Senior Mentor (NSP)

Buğu is a Biology graduate, a Mindfulness instructor, and a certified coach giving NeuroSystemics, Organic Intelligence and Mindfulness-based life coaching sessions. Buğu’s 14-year journey through yoga, education and therapy groups inspired her to facilitate Resilience Through Community groups based on creating safe social circles that values spontaneity, authenticity and openness.

Silke Foegele, Mentor (NSP)

Silke is a certified complementary therapist and has been trained both as a CranioSacral therapist and as a physiotherapist. Her further training comprises prenatal and birth therapy, mediation, Organic Intelligence, yoga and qigong. She lives in Basel with her family. She focuses on increasing her clients’ resources and joy.

  • Date: 23 February 2024
  • Language(s): English
  • Time: May to July 2024
  • Cost: From €1190
  • Contact: bf@neurosystemics.org
  • Register Until: 19 May 2023

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