CARE Workshop: Finding Safety in Triggering Times

Find a new understanding of how triggering times like these impact your nervous system and how you can take back control to feel more safe and settled.
Join NeuroSystemics mentors Deniz Bağan and Bas Snippert for a workshop that helps you feel safe, settled and secure wherever you are!

NeuroSystemicsTM is a community-based methodology bridging ancient wisdom traditions, evolutionary neurosciences and systemic understanding to offer integrative path to resilient healing, passionate living and awakening.

A meta-therapeutic (systems) methodology

NeuroSystemics is a clinical practice which can be applied in four settings: (i) mental training, (ii) individual therapy, (iii) group therapy and (iv) community processes. They each correspond to the concentric circles of (0) sense, (1) self, (2) social and (3) societal, respectively:



In whichever setting, we attempt to engage with all the parts of that system as well as the system as a whole. Biology and affect, as holonic fractals, can be both parts and wholes, depending on the breadth of attentional focus and practice setting.

Finding safety

In this workshop you will learn why these triggering times are in fact triggering. This has everything to do with how our nervous system is meant to operate within the context of safe others around you. During these times, there are several disruptions in this natural expectation.

The good news is that your can directly influence the way your nervous system perceives your current situation, wherever you are. Our brain has amazing capacities for self-regulation and re-organization of experience, given the right stimulation.

You will learn a powerful technique in this workshop for doing exactly that. There will also be time for you to reflect on this together with other people and of course you’re free to ask your questions during the workshops.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is suitable for anyone wishing to:

  • Find new ways to self-regulate during difficult times
  • Enrich their understanding of themselves and others
  • Experience a safe space where you can reflect and connect
  • Feel more connected, settled and peaceful by the end of the workshop





Deniz Bağan

Deniz is a meditation teacher, Organic Intelligence facilitator, and keynote speaker for mindfulness and self-compassion. She is the content creator and voice of Meditopia, the mental wellness app (30M members ww), with over 1200 mindfulness meditations. She offers her 12-week self-compassion and neuroscience based online program Resting Heart over two years.

Bas Snippert

Bas is an integrative counselor, coach and trainer. He has trained in cutting-edge modalities such as Somatic Experiencing, Organic Intelligence and the NeuroAffective Relational Model. Bas attends meditation retreats annually in Thich Nhat Hanh’s Plum Village.

  • Language(s): English
  • Time: 6:30-8:00pm CET / 8:30-10:00pm TRT
  • Cost: €20
  • Contact:

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