CARE ONLINE Training Introductory Workshop: From somatics to neuro-spirituality

25–27 June 2021
"Nervous system resiliency through community & collective flow states with simple tools from complex systems science!"
Introductory workshops are valuable stand-alone experiences to learn and practice systemic-centered therapy joyfully. Join us for a fun week-end adventure!


The CARE Training is a certifying training with the USABP!



Our purpose at NeuroSystemics is to help people heal, build social-emotional skills and compassionate communities to change ourselves and the world! NeuroSystemics offers an integrative scientific pathway to handle a range of conditions including trauma, depression, anxiety and addiction. We deliver high-quality integrative training for clinicians, therapists, community leaders, health practitioners to empower individuals & communities to embody CARE: Compassion, Awareness, Resiliency & Empowerment.


Objectives & Benefits of the Workshop

This Introductory Workshop will offer you:

  • Skills to up-regulate your nervous system: Experiential practices of nervous system embodiment and the integration of somatics in group work.
  • Small group practice opportunities: You will have small dryads & triads to practice these skills, accompanied by professionally trained mentors.
  • Pedagogical maps & learning  frameworks: An understanding of somatic practices with nervous system science, a systemics frame from social psychology and an overview of psycho-spiritual states of consciousness.
  • Live demonstrations and opportunities for discussion.

Trauma healing first and foremost occurs when we have choice. You are welcome to participate in any of the above, or none, as your own nervous system feels attuned to. We highly value your presence, and will support whichever way you’d like to join us!


This CARE Training Introductory Workshop: From somatics to neuro-spirituality

Most therapy is about reducing symptoms and solving problems. At NeuroSytemics, we have a meta-framework for our therapeutic practice, which includes trauma-healing, symptom reduction and having a functional daily life. Yet, with our cutting-edge nervous system science and social psychology tools, we also deepen somatic embodiment, and practice feeling safe and belonging in groups.

AND, we also have a neuro-spiritual maps which enable rigorous interventions to open up mystic states, at the individual, group and community level. Irvin Yalom, Boaz’s mentor, viewed therapy as a deep journey to discover of the human condition. Boaz was a Buddhist monk in Thailand, and he brings his contemplative experience with clear and simple practices and frameworks to enable group fields to access higher states of flow and coherence.

This specific workshop is a unique opportunity to strengthen Oneself, Oneness and Emptiness. As a gentle and progressive pathway, we foster strong positive reinforcement techniques to build a resilient self, embody ourselves in a safe community and provide doorways to high frequency mystic/flow states at the individual and collective levels. Reserach collaboration informing this workshop includes Prof. Newberg‘s neurotheological approach to science and psycho-spirituality. Join us for a new and invigorating experience, TOGETHER!


Is the CARE ONLINE Training, starting September 30 2021, 2021 for me?

The CARE Training and workshops are for:

  • Therapists, clinicians, psychologists, doctors, psychiatrists: learn to work with the body, integrate your tools in a transdiagnostic framework, build solid group facilitation skills, include attentional and emotional regulation, explore psycho-spiritual practices.
  • New or experienced meditation practitioners and MBSR-MBCT teachers: deepen their practice with a bio-psychosocial framework to integrate  the impact of social and societal influences on individual psychological and somatic levels.
  • Corporate and community leaders and human resource managers: develop social intelligence practices, deepen attunement to others by becoming more sensitive  to somatic, affective and cognitive processes.
  • Social workers, yoga teachers, health-practitioners and educators: learn to create safe environments for learning and engaging optimally, understand nervous system functioning to  support resiliency and empowerment
  • Professionals in the helping professions and NGO’s: empowerment and inspiration in tackling social and environmental crises and injustices, prevent burnout and tackle stress optimally, engage in the mutual nourishment of inner-outer practices.


  • June 25, 2021, Friday : 5:30-8pm CEST (11:30am-2pm EST)
  • June 26, 2021, Saturday: 5:30-8pm CEST (11:30-2pm EST)
  • June 27, 2021, Sunday: 5:30-8pm CEST (11:30-2pm EST)



€50. If you cannot afford this amount, please make a donation of your choice here, and write in the comments that it is to register for this “CARE Training Introductory Workshop: From somatics to neuro-spirituality.” We CARE!


This workshop will be given in English.

CARE ONLINE Training starting on September 30th 2021

The CARE Training is a transformative 3-year journey to learn, practice and embody bio-psychosocial skills for personal healing and professional development in the midst of a nourishing community. The purpose is to build solid skills to practice in clinical and therapeutic environments for 1:1 and groupwork, as well as deep personal development.

All participants registered in the CARE training will receive, free of charge, access to the NeuroSystemics Series “Integrative keys for resiliency, empowerment and awakening”, a 15-hour presentation which includes all the core clinical and therapeutic concepts, maps and practices of NeuroSystemics.

For more information about the CARE training, click here!


Boaz B. Feldman, Founder of NeuroSystemics Dharma

Boaz is a practical visionary, an experienced psychologist, Dharma teacher and clinical trainer acting for worldwide positive change. He has trained in Mindfulness as a monk and at university in MBSR/MBCT in Oxford/Bangor and graduated from the Bodhi College with Stephen & Martine Batchelor as mentors. Boaz now teaches Dharma in the Western Insight Meditation Tradition and feels passionate about re-enchanting and sacralizing our lives and societies through science-informed psycho-spiritual practice.

Heath Wilson, Faculty (NSP)

Working over 25 years, Heath weaves his expertise as a psychologist, trauma healer, rolf practitioner, craniosacral therapist, enneagram consultant, dating/relationship coach, and has also been trained  in Somatic Experiencing.


Bas Snippert

Bas is an integrative counselor, coach and trainer. He has trained in cutting-edge modalities such as Somatic Experiencing, Organic Intelligence and the NeuroAffective Relational Model. Bas attends meditation retreats annually in Thich Nhat Hanh’s Plum Village.

Silke Foegele, Mentor (NSP)

Silke is a certified complementary therapist and has been trained both as a CranioSacral therapist and as a physiotherapist. Her further training comprises prenatal and birth therapy, mediation, Organic Intelligence, yoga and qigong. She lives in Basel with her family. She focuses on increasing her clients’ resources and joy.

Danny Cohen

Danny Cohen lives in Israel and is endlessly fascinated by the human experience and transformative possibilities of healing, growing and opening the heart / mind. He works with clients and teaches workshops and retreats, drawing from trainings Hakomi, Organic Intelligence, Nonviolent Communication, and over a decade of meditation practice.

  • Date: 25–27 June 2021
  • Language(s): English
  • Cost: €50
  • Contact:

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