12-Session Resiliency Circles with Helena Walsh and Silke Foegele

Helena Walsh and Silke Foegele in a safe & compassionate community for healing & awakening!
"Increase YOUR Social Intelligence for the Wellbeing of Yourself and Your Community!"

Do you want more quality and pleasure in your relationships? We believe that this is possible with more of your authenticity. We like to explore this with you in our RC. Let’s get started with a better life!

Silke and Helena are delighted to offer this Resiliency Circle starting 09th of January, 2023 as an opportunity to heal, grow, stabilize and learn about YOU and experience the exhilaration of honest social engagement in a group dynamic.

A Resiliency Circle is a powerful place of discovery, an invitation to step into the here and now with your full self in a container of safety.

Here at NeuroSystemics, indeed we are interested in finding out what is meaningful and how to bring that about in your life, but we also utilize the latest understanding of system science and neurobiological process to foster a sense of calm, security and empowerment.


Resiliency Circles

NeuroSystemicsTM is a community-based methodology bridging ancient wisdom traditions, evolutionary neurosciences and systemic understanding to offer an integrative path to resilient healing, passionate living and awakening.

Resiliency Circles (RC) offer a unique environment to experience a safe, enjoyable and educational relational space. Trained professionals hold a compassionate and sensitive attitude to include all the parts of everyone present – orienting towards unconditional acceptance and appreciation. As the process unfolds, the RC’s therefore open the door to a palpable sense of peace, intimacy and connection with one another. As the group builds trust and learns to feel strong while sometimes showing vulnerability, the potential for healing, resiliency and awakening is exponential!

The purpose of an RC is primarily for individuals to experience and integrate a sense of belonging through their nervous system; the group work involves a psychotherapeutic process by including the missing and often alienated aspects of our being through the safe container held by the therapists and the quality of interaction between group members.

Practically, after a short introduction from the therapists, group members are invited to share freely whatever is on their mind/heart and there begins the free association conversation and spontaneous sharing. Each person manifests themselves differently, and the RC enables group members to embody a sense of belonging by appreciating the diversity of life experiences, points of view. Finally, as the group builds in its quality of compassion and enjoyment, it becomes a womb-like experience which supports deep nervous system regulation for all members.


Clinically proven benefits include:

  • Reduction of stress, anxiety, depression, addiction and trauma
  • Development of resiliency, emotional regulation and cognitive functioning
  • Reduction of chronic issues such as sleeping problems, chronic pain
  • Embodiment of social belonging and meaning

Who is the RC for?

Anyone wishing to

  • Enrich their relational skills
  • Develop new ways of feeling empathic, non-judgmental and compassionate
  • Be seen, be heard and welcomed in a genuine atmosphere of vulnerability
  • Learn how to be in groups with greater levels of ease, comfort and confidence
  • Enjoy a safe space
  • Form meaningful relationships


COST: CHF 660 – 230 sliding scale
(Installments and Supported fee available)


If the supported fee is still a challenge, and you really want to join. Please write to helenawalshvoiceandbodystudio@gmail.com


Helena Walsh, Mentor (NSP)

Helena is an Entrepreneur, Researcher and Human Empowerment and Resiliency Coach (Organic Intelligence) and an International Voice & Acting Coach. She is the CEO and Founder of Helena Walsh Empowerment Studios.  Over the past twenty five years she has worked with people all over the world, from top executives and CEO’s, to preparing leading actors for major TV network shows.

Silke Foegele, Mentor (NSP)

Silke is a certified complementary therapist and has been trained both as a CranioSacral therapist and as a physiotherapist. Her further training comprises prenatal and birth therapy, mediation, Organic Intelligence, yoga and qigong. She lives in Basel with her family. She focuses on increasing her clients’ resources and joy.

  • Language(s): English
  • Time: 6.00 - 7.30 pm CET
  • Cost: Standard Fee €50 per session - Supported Fee available
  • Contact: helenawalshvoiceandbodystudio@gmail.com

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