1-to-1 Live Demo and Analysis: The Art and Science of Finding a Client’s Essential Nature out of Chaos

24 August 2021
1-to-1 Live Demo and Analysis: The Art and Science of Finding a Client's Essential Nature out of Chaos
Book some time for yourself to sit back and enjoy watching - and learning from - Heath Wilson, NeuroSystemics Faculty, expertly facilitate a demonstration 1to1 session using a powerful array of tools in our meta Neurosystemics approach from neuroscience, system science, positive psychology, contemplative sciences and much more...

NeuroSystemicsTM is a community-based methodology bridging ancient wisdom traditions, evolutionary neurosciences and systemic understanding to offer integrative path to resilient healing, passionate living and awakening.

A meta-systems methodology

NeuroSystemics is a clinical practice which can be applied in four settings: (i) mental training, (ii) individual processes, (iii) group processes and (iv) community processes. They each correspond to the concentric circles of (0) sense, (1) self, (2) social and (3) societal, respectively:



In whichever setting, we attempt to engage with all the parts of that system as well as the system as a whole. Biology and affect, as holonic fractals, can be both parts and wholes, depending on the breadth of attentional focus and practice setting.

The Art and Science of Finding a Client’s Essential Nature out of Chaos

Join this FREE Demonstration Session with NeuroSystemics Faculty, Heath Wilson. Here you will see how to deftly navigate session work using the latest in neuro- and system- science, positive psychology and “holonic-stacking” in our unique NeuroSystemics approach. Witness this subtle and extremely powerful work IN ACTION that brings solid nervous system regulation, transformational insight and relational intimacy.

There will be time at the end of the session for a demo analysis with Heath Wilson and Rebekka Haas, one of our brilliant NeuroSystemics Mentors. These demonstration analyses are very fun and educational and add a profound element to the overall understanding of the session. Don’t miss it!





Heath Wilson, Faculty (NSP)

Working over 25 years, Heath weaves his expertise as a psychologist, trauma healer, rolf practitioner, craniosacral therapist, enneagram consultant, dating/relationship coach, and has also been trained  in Somatic Experiencing.

  • Date: 24 August 2021
  • Language(s): English
  • Time: 6:30-8:15pm CET / 7:30-09:15pm TRT
  • Cost: Free
  • Contact: onlinecoordination@neurosystemics.org

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