Girdi yapan

Somatic Imagination

“What you frequently ponder upon, that becomes the inclination of your mind” – Buddha (1)   I am my perception. As I walk down the forest close to my home in the autumn, I smell the pine trees, I see the wide variation of colours as all other trees lose their leaves, and hear some […]

An Ecology of Love

“The climate crisis is a crisis of view” – Rob Burbea (1)   Our moment-to-moment experience is influenced by many factors, including the environment we are in. By the environment, I mean the immediate surroundings as well as the larger ecological and societal context we inhabit. I remember a time on silent retreat when it […]

Embodying Relationships

“We inter-are” – Thich Nhat Hanh (1)   With mainstream values of individualism, we will often tend to consider ourselves as separate from others, nature and the world. However, a new research paradigm in somatic neuroscience emerging called “radical embodiment” (2-3) ), shows that the shape of our sense of self differs based on our […]