neurosystemics INITIATIVES

Caring for our precious lives

We support CENTRE OTIUM (Geneva, Switzerlad) in their mission of accompanying each person touched by cancer towards their healing. Healing the body and mind is what NeuroSystemics’ trainers Monica and Boaz propose in their programs at the center. They are personally engaged in this process through two programs they currently offer: Mindfulness based stress reduction and Resiliency Circles. For details visit CENTRE OTIUM.

Promoting tolerance and inclusion

We have a great appreciation for the work of Baobab Books (Basel, Switzerland) in promoting intercultural dialogues among children in local schools and in promoting reading and writing skills in countries and communities in disadvantaged socioeconomic conditions. We were personally involved in a project with a partner Mozambican organization and were very touched to see the positive impact of the work of Baobab books in local capacity building and empowerment for resilience.

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