1:1 Live Clinical Demo & Analysis with Boaz Feldman (Hybrid Workshop)

1 June 2024
1:1 Live Demo & Analysis
Book some time for yourself to sit back and enjoy watching - and learning from - Boaz Feldman, one of the Lead Faculties here at Neurosystemics, expertly facilitate a demonstration 1:1 session using a powerful array of tools in our Neurosystemics approach from neuroscience, system science, positive psychology, contemplative sciences and much more...

Join this Demonstration Session with NeuroSystemics Founder, Boaz Feldman. Here you will see how to deftly navigate session work using the latest neuro-and system-science, positive psychology, and somatically-centered clinical methodology in our unique NeuroSystemics approach. Witness this subtle and extremely powerful work IN ACTION that brings solid nervous system regulation, and heals trauma and relational intimacy.

There will be time at the end of the session for a demo analysis with Boaz. These demonstration analyses are a lot of fun and educational and add a profound element to the overall understanding of the session. Don’t miss it!

1:1 Session Benefits

  • Learn how to let your nervous system self-regulate
  • Heal accident & developmental traumas
  • Strengthen your self-esteem
  • Process and resolve grief, loss & separation.
  • Build a meaningful set of goals and develop strategies to achieve them
  • Transdiagnostically resolve patterns leading to depression, anxiety & addictions
  • Enrich your creative drive


NeuroSystemics is a somatically-centered clinical methodology, bridging evolutionary neurosciences, ancient wisdom traditions and complex systems understanding to offer integrative pathways to life-centered growth, resilient healing, passionate living and awakening.

A Nervous System Methodology

NeuroSystemics is a clinical practice that can be applied in four settings: (i) embodiment training, (ii) individual processes, (iii) group processes, and (iv) community processes. They each correspond to the concentric circles of (0) Sense, (1) Self, (2) Social and (3) Societal, respectively:



In whichever setting, we attempt to engage with all the parts of that system as well as the system as a whole. Biology and affect, as holonic fractals, can be both parts and wholes, depending on the breadth of attentional focus and practice setting.



In this demo session, Boaz will conduct a session with a client using our NeuroSystemics methodology. During the session, attendees will be invited to relax and follow along as the demonstration unfolds. An opportunity for questions and answers will be provided following the demonstration.


June 1st, Sat 6-8pm TRT; This event will be in English with Turkish translation

  • Personal session demonstration
  • Demo Analysis and Q&A with Boaz Feldman


English with Turkish Translation


You can participate in the workshop both online via Zoom and in person by coming to:

Integral Center
Lati Lokum sk. No:12 Çınar apt. Kat:4 Daire:14, 34387 Şişli/İstanbul


Boaz B. Feldman, Faculty

Boaz is a practical visionary, an experienced psychologist, a Dharma teacher and trainer acting for worldwide positive change. He has worked with numerous international organisations (UNHCR, UNOCHA, WHO, Doctors Without Borders) in a variety of humanitarian contexts such as conflict-affected regions (Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Myanmar), low-income contexts (Eastern Europe) and natural emergencies (Thailand). Boaz is currently a doctoral candidate at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Zurich University Medical Faculty. He assisted Somatic Experiencing trainings and taught as the main faculty in Europe for Organic Intelligence, and now enjoys engineering and teaching innovative and integrative approaches at NeuroSystemics!


Rebekka Haas Çetin, Assisting Faculty (NSP)

Rebekka is a Mindfulness Coach (ICF) and counsellor for both, individual and group sessions.
She is extensively trained in Organic Intelligence®, a clinical protocol for trauma resolution through shepherding nervous system states from bottom up. Her participation in NeuroSystemics expands her contribution to healing from an individual to a greater psycho-social frame through group work (RC). She is a certified yoga teacher and the co-founder of multiple yoga Studios. Her original background is in filmmaking. Rebekka is from Germany and is now living with her husband in Istanbul, they have 3 children.


  • Date: 1 June 2024
  • Language(s): English with Turkish translation
  • Time: 6-8pm TRT
  • Cost: 750-1000TL
  • Contact: trcoordination@neurosystemics.org
  • Register Until: 01 June 2024


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