Le mercredi 5 décembre 2018, à la CCIG Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Genève, Benoît Chappuis et Boaz Feldman, qui ont travaillé avec de nombreux avocats des Barreaux Genevois et Vaudois ont proposé une intervention pour éclairer quelques élément sur ce thème.

Mindfulness for children – major child protection project.

“Part 2 – Mindfulness for children” kicked off in September 2018 with an intensive onsite training in Chisinau (Moldova) this past November 2018. The program was facilitated by Sarah Silverton and Monica and was based on « the Present ».

Sarah has been involved in mindfulness teaching and training for more than 20 years and was a member of the Bangor University (UK), Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice training team for 17 years. Sarah has been working in Mindfulness in Schools for 8 years. She is the co-author of Paws b curriculum (Mindfulness in Schools Project in the UK). She has since moved on to develop an innovative Mindfulness program that supports educators to share their mindfulness practice with children in a very organic manner – ‘ The Present’.

Participants are so happy that they can take home caring and innovative methods for the benefit of hundreds of children and support them to DREAM, ACHIEVE, REALISE, EXPRESS (DARE)  !

“Ultimately, we want children to grow up to become happy and responsible adults, capable of achieving their full potential in life. We want children to have the courage to strive for their dreams and, if they encounter obstacles, the resilience to try again” (DARE Project director, Caritas Vienna).