CARE Introductory Workshop

1–3 Mayıs 2020
"Learn to RADICALLY heal, grow and prosper beyond your imagination."
Introductory workshops are valuable stand-alone experiences to learn and practice systemic-centered therapy joyfully. Join us for a fun week-end adventure!

About the Introductory Workshop

NeuroSystemics offers an integrative scientific pathway to handle a range of conditions including trauma, depression, anxiety and addiction. Combining wisdom traditions, state of the art neuroscience and systemic understanding, this introductory Workshop will focus the benefits of mindfulness and compassion practices as systemic therapy interventions. There will be opportunities to explore psycho-spiritual frames of therapy and develop key skills in attention and emotion regulation.

  1. Build a vibrant and stable social circle for mutual support and celebration.
  2. Your personal growth as the deepest activism
  3. Open session explorations and take-home exercises.


This Introductory Workshop will offer you:

  • Experiential practices of Mindfulness and compassion to deepen your capacity for attentional and emotion regulation.
  • An understanding of contemplative practices within a systemics frame and the potential for societal engagement and transformation.
  • Live demonstrations and opportunities for discussion.

For who?

  • Therapists, clinicians, psychologists, doctors, psychiatrists, social workers, yoga teachers, health-practitioners, meditation & MBSR-MBCT teachers and educators interested in a meta-conceptual frame and methods to deepen optimize their practice.
  • New or experienced meditation practitioners who would like to deepen their practice with a bio-psychosocial frame on their internal experience.
  • Community-lovers who would like to be a part of a participative, co-creative and caring circle of friends and companions.
  • Individuals who enjoy teachings about Mindfulness as a spiritual practice and a deepening of embodiment through neurobiological understanding and scientific insights.
  • Professionals in the helping professions and networks of NGO’s searching for empowerment in relation to the climate crisis, social and health issues.


This introductory workshop will be in English with Turkish translation.


Heath Wilson, Faculty (NSP)

25 yılı aşkın bir süredir çalışmakta olan Heath, psikolog, travma tedavi uzmanı, rolf (derin kas masajı tekniği) uygulayıcısı, kranyoSakral terapist, enneagram danışmanı, flört/ilişki koçu olarak uzmanlığını sürdürüyor.


Banu Çeçen

Banu koçluk seansları veren deneyimli bir Mindfulness Koçu’dur. Meditasyon temelli Mindfulness programlarının etkilerine odaklanarak nörobilim okuyor.

Buğu Türkoğul, Senior Mentor (NSP)

Buğu, biyoloji mezunu Mindfulness eğitmeni, hem Organic Intelligence hem de Mindfulness temelli yaşam koçluğu seansları veren sertifikalı bir koçtur.

Rebekka Haas Çetin, Assisting Faculty (NSP)

Rebekka evli ve 4 çocukludur. Boaz Feldman tarafından kurulan NeuroSystemics programında Sinir Sistemi Güçlendirme Grubu kolaylaştırıcısı, yoga ve meditasyon eğitmeni.

  • Gün: 1–3 Mayıs 2020
  • Dil(ler): English & Turkish
  • Zaman: Fri 7:30-9:30pm TRT, Sat-Sun 10:30 - 12:30 & 2:30-6pm TRT
  • Ücret: 890 TRT
  • İletişim:
  • Register Until: 01 Mayıs 2020

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