NeuroSystemics Dharma

NeuroSystemics Dharma is a program for engaged 21st century psycho-spiritual praxis. It is a metamodern attempt to facilitate personal, social and societal development, transformation and wisdom.

We aim to offer an accessible, nonsectarian and multiperspectival code to understand, cultivate and embody our intrinsic drive to lead meaningful and awakened lives. The teachings and practices juxtapose evidence-based nervous system regulation models, complex systems thinking, sociocultural critique, neuroscience and Buddhist models of enlightenment.

Centered on experiential practice, we offer 3 interdependent epistemic pathways to help realize our full individual, social and planetary potential:

(i) Somatic Dharma

Somatic Dharma is the development of wise internal awareness through systematic practices of:

  • Embodiment: Meta-regulatory nervous system-informed mindful discernment of present-moment experience (sati-sampajañña +)
  • Ensoulment: Emotionally-regulating heart practices of compassion, equanimity, friendliness, joy, gratitude, benign neglect & forgiveness (brahma-vihārās +)
  • Energetics: Attention-regulation & somatic practices leading to deep states of harmonization, absorption & mysticism (samatha & jhāna)
  • Emptiness: Perception-regulation practices investigating the conditioned nature of experience, existence & their co-dependence on ways of looking (paṭiccasamuppāda & suññatā)

The goal of Somatic Dharma practice is the realization of Insights,” clear internal sense-making experiences leading to reductions of suffering, and embodiment of deep presence, wellbeing and fulfilment – “Being.”

(ii) Social Dharma

Social Dharma is learning wise interpersonal awareness through rigorous practices of:

  • Relationships: Relational practices of social somatics, skillful communication, collective awakening, community-building, secure attachment pattern development and deep companionship
  • Rituals: Co-regulatory ceremonial practices of social embodiment, relational interconnectedness, participative divinity, collective ensoulment and meta-secular devotion to co-created sacredness and imaginal godliness

The purpose of Social Dharma practice is to realize Midsights,” vibrant felt-senses of the interactional spaces mid-way between oneself and others, and embody palpable senses of safety, enjoyment and authenticity in relationships – “Belonging.”

(iii) Service Dharma

Service Dharma is the building of wise intersubjective and institutional awareness through committed daily life practices of:

  • Authorship: Generative creativity practices as expressions in aesthetic & artistic expressions, academic, agricultural and/or technological innovations
  • Activism: Ethics practices of cultural somatics, compassionate assertiveness, personal-political empowerment and radical non-harming in reverence of causes worth protecting (such as the environment, systemic justice and all forms of life)
  • Altruism: Generosity practices of offering one’s time, energy, ressources and/or skill(s) with an open heart
  • Amusement: Playfulness practices of humor, awe, fun, gaming, enjoyment, wonderment, pleasure and delight

The aim of Service Dharma is to achieve Outsights,” recognitions of interdependence between psychological dynamics and events, culture and societal structures, and embody wholesome social, economic, political and environmental behaviours for positive change – “Becoming.” 

In the ethos of the Buddhist tradition, all NeuroSystemics Dharma teachings are freely offered to everyone and aim to benefit all beings without exception.


Monthly Dharma Gatherings


By registering to Monthly Dharma Gatherings HERE, you will receive the information to join our gatherings starting April 3rd 2022!

By joining on the 1st Sunday of every month at 6-7:30pm CET (12-1:30pm EDT, 7-8:30pm TRT), you will:

  • Receive teachings combining modern neurosciences with ancient Buddhist teachings for daily life application (30′)
  • Practice a guided meditation (30′)
  • Discuss your practice & teachings in a compassionate community (30′)

All Dharma Gatherings are freely offered. Donations can be made here – Thank you for generosity!


April Dharma Gathering

Join our compassionate community for psycho-spiritual practice, embodiment & nervous system regulation!
3 April 2022
Language(s): English