NeuroSystemics Dharma

NeuroSystemics Dharma is a program for engaged 21st century psycho-spiritual praxis. It is a metamodern attempt to facilitate personal, social and societal development, transformation and wisdom.

We aim to offer an accessible, nonsectarian and multiperspectival code to understand, cultivate and embody our intrinsic drive to lead meaningful and awakened lives. The teachings and practices juxtapose:

  • Neurosciences and nervous system sciences give us detailed understandings to better regulate and soothe our mind and body.
  • Evolutionary sciences provide an essential overarching framework to better discern our biological development and cultural context.
  • The ancient wisdom tradition of Buddhism offers ground-braking insights into the nature of our moment-to-moment experience and maps for psycho-spiritual development.

In our global platform for 21st century meditation, we offer 3 pathways to empower ourselves living a fulfilled and meaningful life:

  • Somatic dharma: strengthen your nervous system to increase your well-being & resilience
  • Social dharma: Learn to better befriend yourself and others through mindful communication & relational meditation practices
  • Service dharma: Increase the joy and sense of purpose by integrating your daily life in your psycho-spiritual path

In the ethos of the Buddhist tradition, all NeuroSystemics Dharma teachings are freely offered to everyone and aim to benefit all beings without exception.

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Monthly Dharma Gatherings


By joining Dharma Gatherings on the 1st Sunday of every month at 6-7:30pm CEST (12-1:30pm EST, 7-8:30pm TRT), you will:

  • Practice meditation with live guidance
  • Receive teachings combining modern neurosciences with ancient Buddhist teachings
  • Discuss your practice & teachings in a compassionate community

All Dharma Gatherings are freely offered.


Monthly Dharma Gathering: December 4th

Join our compassionate community for psycho-spiritual practice, embodiment & nervous system regulation!
4 December 2022
Language(s): English


Dharma Retreats


Online NeuroSystemics Dharma retreats are unique opportunities to do less and be more. Our unique contribution to Dharma practice and teaching is to combine somatically-informed wisdom teachings and expert-level guidance to regulate and embody one’s experience.

A number of activities are proposed during retreats:

  • Guided meditation: Silent sitting, walking & movement practices
  • Teachings: Buddhist psycho-spiritual approaches, somatic regulation and systems’ science
  • Discussions: small/large group discussions about the teachings &  practice
  • Private Nervous System Regulation Sessions: depending on availability, you will have the opportunity to receive private 20-30 minute somatic regulation sessions with trained Somatic Facilitators (Somas)

All Dharma Retreats are freely offered. Donations can be made here – Thank you for generosity!